Friday, January 14, 2011

Television Star?

So, I did it.

I was strong.

And courageous.

I accepted the invitation to appear on the local, live, television show, KOIN's Studio 6.

I was interviewed by Anne Jaeger. And it was fine.

When it was over, she asked me to sign her copy of my book.

And then she said, "you should come again..."

I responded, "ok, call me!"

To see the interview, go to www.koinstudio6.com


  1. Great job on TV! I'm so glad you accepted Studio 6's invitation. Studio 6 now offers your interview online at http://www.koinstudio6.com/default.aspx and has a great blurb about you at http://www.koinstudio6.com/default.aspx. Congratulations!

  2. You did a good job, Drenda. You seemed so poised and looked so nice. Neither surprised me. I was wishing that she would be quiet and let you do more of the talking. I hope it increases book sales so that your voice and message will be heard more.