Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Thank You from a Reader:

Today I was surprised to receive an e-mail at work about my book. The writer, Natalie Van Hook, is a woman who works at Clackamas County, and whom I have met one time...when she purchased "Strong & Courageous" at our County Craft Fair. Her words brought tears to my eyes...

"My" people know that the reason I even considered pursuing publishing of "Strong & Courageous" was the hope that my writings, in book form, could be of help to someone...even just one. Natalie's e-mail to me, besides bringing tears of joy, brought affirmation that publishing was a good thing, the right thing to do. '

So, Natalie, I thank YOU.

"Hi Drenda –

We talked briefly at the Craft Fair in December when I purchased a copy of your book. I recently finished reading it and just had to send you an enthusiastic thank you for writing and publishing it.

I am an 8 1/2 year breast cancer survivor and can’t tell you how much I could have used a book like yours when I was going through treatment. I was amazed at how accurately you captured the thoughts and emotions of the treatment process. They were spot on, and I can honestly tell you this brought me back to those days with amazing clarity and a sense of peace. I am fortunate to also have very supportive family members and friends, but only someone who has made the journey can truly understand the emotional and physical aspects of treatment. You may never know the full impact of Strong and Courageous, but I can assure you that you did a very good thing.

By the way, have you seen the videos on http://pinkglovedance.com? The original videos circulated a while back, but now there is a sequel.

Thank you again, and continued good health to you!

Natalie Van Hook"

Friday, January 14, 2011

Television Star?

So, I did it.

I was strong.

And courageous.

I accepted the invitation to appear on the local, live, television show, KOIN's Studio 6.

I was interviewed by Anne Jaeger. And it was fine.

When it was over, she asked me to sign her copy of my book.

And then she said, "you should come again..."

I responded, "ok, call me!"

To see the interview, go to www.koinstudio6.com